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2020 ART Blooms Banner Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the 2020 ART Blooms Banner Contest Winners!

We had an overwhelming response to the 2020 ART Blooms Banner Contest sponsored by the City of Farmington and the Mineral Area Council on the Arts.  The committee, made up of representatives from the Farmington Public Library and the Arts Council had a tough time choosing this year’s 100 winners from the almost 1300 entries!

It will be several weeks until the banners are produced and the winning art is displayed on the lightpoles in Farmington, but we’re excited to release a list of the winning artists (name and age):

Gracie Scott, 5Parker Myers, 9Adriana Cantagi, 13
Sophie Turner, 5Adam Payne, 10Calandra Franklin, 13
Brooklyn Voss, 6Addyson King, 10Emily Bauer, 13
Elaina Kirby, 6Aiden Farrow, 10Kate Northern, 13
Stella Gaines, 6Annabelle Weekley, 10Lillian Abel, 13
Ben Bono, 7Ava Duffe, 10Milli Betz Bacon, 13
Capri McIntyre, 7Braden Warren, 10Taylor McCarty, 13
Hank Turner, 7Chloe Runk, 10Cole Zimmerman, 14
Hudson Derby, 7Elvie Wagner, 10Ginny Young, 14
Kenley Guzman, 7Emily Whaley, 10Jayden Tucker, 14
Nolan Sullivan, 7Hattie Vinyard, 10Katelyn Strange, 14
Parker Nicholson, 7Knox Beard, 10Kaylynn Sadler, 14
Payton Therrell, 7Milayna Drummond, 10Olivia Gillam, 14
Ava Grindstaff, 8Morgan Wyatt, 10Rachel Whitener, 14
Brody Burch, 8Reese Busenbark, 10Sofia Rattini, 14
Emma Houser, 8Trevor Compton, 10Avery Jones, 15
Gattlin Eckhoff, 8Ty Davidson, 10Devin Cheatham, 15
Heidi Lambert, 8Addison Kennedy, 11Hanna Politte, 15
Isabelle Basler, 8Ava Mills, 11Isaac Reissing, 15
Jensen Shafer, 8Clare Maloney, 11McKennah Wallace, 15
Katie Wilson, 8Josie Reed, 11Nathan McCarthy, 15
Kinleigh Hayes, 8Lilly Davis, 11Ashton Malady, 16
Ava Cartee, 9Mackenzi Price, 11Chloe Crouch, 16
Ava Hayes, 9Meleah Lara, 11Kristina Ramos, 16
Caleb Wilson, 9Sarah Heberlie, 11Morgan Berkheimer, 16
Colton Gabel, 9Tessa Thebeau, 11Annie Varhalla, 17
Ella Barnes, 9Abbi Jones, 12Brigid Trowbridge, 17
Ella Burkhart, 9Ava Obenauer, 12Grant Wadlow, 17
Emily Williams, 9Ean Bone, 12Haley Ellis, 17
Hampton Orta, 9Emily Inman, 12Noley Kitchell, 17
Haylee Pyatt, 9Hadley Dowell, 12Ella Gray, 18
Mackenzie Parks, 9Lokesh Tammisetty, 12Lizzy Black, 18
Madalyn Jaco, 9Mallory Felker, 12Nicholas Dean, 18
Parker Hendrixson, 9  


Congratulations to these 100 talented student artists!  Be sure to be looking up while in Farmington beginning this spring to see how these students have interpreted this year’s theme, “Places and Spaces”!

Guardians will receive an email with additional information within the week.  If your child was selected as a winner and you do not received an email, please contact Scottye Adkins at or (573)518-2125.