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Mineral Area Council on the Arts Announces Winner of Logo Contest – Unveils New Logo

The winner of the Mineral Area Council on the Arts’ Logo Contest is Rebecca Turner of Bismarck.  Mrs. Turner teaches art classes at Arcadia Valley Middle School and High School.  She plays an active supporting role in the creation and recognition of her students’ artwork.  Her students participate successfully in contests across the region including the annual MACOA K-12 Art Show at Mineral Area College and the ART Blooms in Farmington Banner Contest.   Some of her students’ artwork is also currently on display on the AV Art Banners in the Arcadia Valley.

All entrants were asked to describe the symbolism behind the logo design entry.  Mrs. Turner described her MACOA logo design in this way, “The logo I created for the arts council is meant to show all of the arts (visual, musical, theater, and dance) joining together from a common point.  That is why the design is drawn leading to the lower corner.  Although all of the arts are expressed on a different platform, Mineral Area Council on the Arts is supportive of all of them.  The council has brought all of the arts together to and for the community to enjoy for 30 years… The colors chosen represent the Missouri red granite of this area, the nature, and the rivers which many artists of the area use as a source of inspiration.”  When asked about her knowledge and experience of MACOA, she said, “As a high school student I participated in the K-12 Art Show and now my students participate.  The Arts Council is so supportive of the arts, including our school art programs!  I wanted to submit an entry to show my support for all they do.”

Mineral Area Council on the Arts (MACOA) received twenty-four excellent well-thought-out design entries for the new logo to take the organization into the next decade and beyond.  MACOA’s Board of Directors took the time necessary to consider carefully the designs and how they represent the organization.  Scottye Adkins, Executive Director of MACOA stated, “We were extremely happy with the submissions.  The thought put into each design and knowledge about MACOA as well as the arts we support was evident.  It is an encouragement for us to continue our mission of bringing events to our area and supporting local arts.  The decision was not an easy one.  The board narrowed the entries down to seven before choosing this design.  They considered whether or not the design represents the organization and its mission.  They critiqued the ability for each design to catch the viewer’s eye.  And finally, they asked themselves whether or not the logo would stand the test of time as did the logo designed by Jeff Krekeler for a similar contest thirty years ago.”

Denny Ward, the incoming 2020-2021 MACOA president said of the contest and the winning design, “This launch to adopt a new logo for MACOA was both controversial and challenging, but, man, did our area artists ever come through!  I was so proud of our board members for their keen, insightful assessment of every single design submitted, while holding the integrity of the existing logo tight.  Our Executive Director, Scottye Adkins, provided sound, well defined judging criteria, which was extremely helpful.  I’m very proud of this logo.  It is all encompassing of what The Arts stand for along with being fresh, thought evoking, and solid in design.”

To allow for the community to become accustomed to the new logo, Mineral Area Council on the Arts will make a gradual change.  Both logos will appear at times throughout the coming year.  “It is vitally important to the board of directors that our community understands that the organization is in no way changing its mission to ‘promote and strengthen the cultural environment in all segments of the area served by Mineral Area College by creating and supporting opportunities for the community to experience the arts locally and at an affordable cost.’  We look forward to many years to come of bringing quality arts events to the area and continuing to support our local talent!  The sponsored events and contests offered by MACOA have become a tradition of sorts throughout our communities.  We only hope to build upon this great legacy that those before us have worked so hard to share with us.” (Adkins)