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2021 Banner Contest Winners!

We had an overwhelming response to the 2021 “It’s A Brand New Day” ART Blooms Banner Contest! Mineral Area Council on the Arts (MACOA) is excited to support this opportunity for K-12 arts and art education, as many local art instructors use this competition as a class assignment. Additionally, this is the first year in which banners will be displayed in four cities around the region. Judging of the artwork for each competition is done anonymously and by isolated age groups. Therefore, students are solely in competition with other students within the same age group. The judges are allowed to view only the artwork and the student’s thoughts behind the design. Following a delay due to the inclement weather, the judging for all four communities is now complete! Congratulations to all winners!

Congratulations Arcadia Valley Banner Winners
This is the second year in which Arcadia Valley will have 30 banners displaying artwork chosen from students of the Arcadia Valley school district and home school students of the area. Thank you to Chris Wigger and First State Community Bank (FSCB) of Ironton for sponsoring this community project. Representatives of the Mineral Area Council on the Arts’ board of directors and FSCB made up the committee of judges. Choosing 30 winners of the 205 entries was challenging.

Arcadia Valley Winners
Name, Age
Lydia Dillard, 6
Sophie Turner, 6
Alexis Waddell, 7
Nikolai Luther, 7
Rilyn Wadlow, 7
Ryliegh Foster, 7
Dakota Racer, 8
Hank Turner, 8
Holdn Pogue, 8
Ryan Hampton, 8
Brandt Blaty, 9
Hayden Ivester, 9
Tegan Jones, 9
Tristan Wakefield, 9
Iris Luther, 10
Lucas Waddell, 10
Thatcher Jones, 10
Hattie Vinyard, 11
Isabella Hemphill, 11
Nadia Parker, 12
Lainey Jones, 13
Evan Tripp, 14
Ian Held, 14
Emma Dettmer, 15
MacKenzie Hurt, 15
Alyssa Glanzer, 16
Ralph Salinas, 16
Anna Deak, 17
Kaydence Banks, 17
Ashtyn Amelung, 18

Congratulations Bismarck Banner Winners
For the first time, the city of Bismarck will have light pole banners displaying student artwork. Thank you to Katie Conway of Unico Bank in Bismarck for initiating and sponsoring the contest in the Bismarck school district and home school students in the surrounding area. Of the 140 entries received, 20 have been chosen by representatives from the MACOA board of directors and business owners of Bismarck.

Bismarck Winners
Name, Age
Kaylee Gravett, 5
Elaina Prier, 6
Makaylee Koenig, 7
Mali Voyles, 8
Kendalynn Banks, 9
Parker Hinkle, 9
Hailea Thomas, 10
Jayci Anthony, 10
Sophia Hassell, 10
Christopher Ethridge, 11
Aubrey Smith, 12
Alyssa Brake, 13
Conner Brewster, 14
Ryan Alvarez, 14
Shelby Smith, 15
Alyssa Blackwell, 16
Chris Alvarez, 16
Riley Dickey, 16
Ben Turner, 17
Brooke Cureton, 18

Congratulations Potosi Banner Winners
Potosi will have light pole banners during 2021 that display the artwork of area students. Thank you to Don Thompson and First State Community Bank (FSCB) of Potosi for sponsoring the contest for Potosi which received entries from the Potosi school district, St. Joachim Catholic School, and home school students of the area. Of the 85 entries, 20 winners have been chosen by representatives of the MACOA board of directors and representatives from Potosi.

Potosi Winners
Name, Age
Ava Karsch, 7
Adrianne Thebeau, 8
Caity Cain, 12
Jaiden Jackson, 12
Lillian Thebeau, 12
Macy Saunders, 12
Myla Blair, 12
Riley Hines, 12
Jazmine Ramsey, 13
Kaylee Stone, 13
Lani Elder, 13
Melissa Simmons, 13
Samantha Aubuchon, 13
Samantha Lawson, 13
Serenity Graddy, 13
Virginia Emily, 13
Addison Cain, 14
Kaitlin Lester, 14
Sophie Drennen, 14
Tayler Rayfield, 14

Congratulations Farmington Banner Winners
All entries received from surrounding areas that were not represented in the Arcadia Valley, Bismarck, or Potosi contests were entered into the contest for the one hundred banners that will be displayed in Farmington during 2021. This is the seventh year in which students will have artwork displayed on light poles in this city. One hundred winners were chosen from 1260 entries in the City of Farmington banner contest!

The committee of representatives from the Farmington Public Library and the Mineral Area Council on the Arts spent an afternoon making the difficult decisions. “There is so much talent in our region of southeast Missouri and our art instructors are to be credited with the development we see from year to year in the students’ work,” stated Scottye Adkins, Executive Director of Mineral Area Council on the Arts.

Farmington Winners
Name, Age
Cecillia Berkbigler, 5
Easton Hayes, 5
Elliot Becker, 5
Gavin Johnson, 5
Luke Wilson, 5
Abi O’Connor, 6
Cadence Gerstner, 6
Delaney Pickard, 6
Evelyn Washam, 6
Korbyn Hutchings, 6
Lane McClellan, 6
Lilly Brownlee, 6
Marley McKinney, 6
Natalie Minks, 6
Sarah Kate Huddleston, 6
Sophie Farrow, 6
Alaina Abel, 7
Aspyn Howard, 7
Aubree Clevenger, 7
Cambrey Merrill, 7
Erik Anderson, 7
Josiah Sechrest, 7
Kayla Glassey, 7
Makinzey Rieger, 7
Paisley Barker, 7
Peyton Harmon, 7
Peyton Miller, 7
Ryder Herbst, 7
Alyvia Freeman, 8
Ariel Taylor, 8
Capri McIntyre, 8
Eben Welch, 8
Eli Gross, 8
Hunter Wilson, 8
Laycee Fuchs, 8
Lucas Berkbigler, 8
Mattie Halley, 8
Nora Smith, 8
Reese Pashia, 8
Skylie Packard, 8
Stella Gaines, 8
Ava Miller, 9
Brody Burch, 9
Emmitt Hathman, 9
Gwen Hegney, 9
Kamey Couch, 9
Keegan McClellan, 9
Khloe Barnett, 9
Malachi Nozea, 9
Mazie Bach, 9
Noah Wheat, 9
Owen Pizzo, 9
Owen Tripp, 9
Peyton Green, 9
Reagan Terry, 9
Sophie Welker, 9
Summer Fees, 9
Alicia Akins, 10
Colton Gabel, 10
Danika Emmett, 10
Dixey Holbert, 10
Emma Killian, 10
Hailey May, 10
Haylee Pyatt, 10
Macey Williams, 10
Mackenzie Parks, 10
Marley Seward, 10
Mia Rizo, 10
Olivia Walling, 10
Parker Myers, 10
Trinity Wigger, 10
Annabelle Weekley, 11
Braden Warren, 11
Chloe Runk, 11
Gwen Monroe, 11
Kit Lea Fox, 11
Lily Logan, 11
Makenna Guggenberger, 11
Michaela Goodson, 11
Olivia Herbst, 11
Stephanie Wehmeyer, 11
Victoria Siddle, 11
Amelia Perry, 12
Clare Maloney, 12
Edie Mae Thomure, 12
Emmalee Dace, 12
Madilyn Wills, 12
Myranda Hale, 12
Savannah Schafer, 12
Brock Busenbark, 13
Katelyn Pipkin, 13
Mallory Felker, 13
Mallory Rottler, 13
Ava Clifton, 14
Kate Northern, 14
Taylor McCarty, 14
Olivia Gillam, 15
Nathan McCarthy, 16
Demie Boyd, 17
Haley Ellis, 18

Across the region, there was a final tally of 1690 entries. Congratulations to all 170 talented student artists whose artwork will be on display from April to November 2021! Enjoy the view as you look up and see our students’ work interpreting this year’s theme, “It’s A Brand New Day”!

Guardians will receive communications via email as additional information is available from Scottye Adkins at Feel free to contact her with any questions via email or call (573) 518-2125.