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That’s A Wrap on the 24th Annual MACOA K-12 Student Art Show

What a fantastic showcase of creativity at our recent K-12 Art Show!
Check out below for some amazing fact about this year’s show!
We’re thrilled to announce that we had a total of 1722 breathtaking pieces of artwork on display, representing the talent and imagination of young artists from across our community.
Here’s a quick breakdown of the incredible participation we saw:
314 pieces from 3rd-4th graders
378 pieces from 5th-6th graders
442 pieces from 7th-8th graders
267 pieces from 9th-10th graders
294 pieces from 11th-12th graders
What’s even more exciting is the significant growth we’ve witnessed! Almost every category saw an increase in participation, with notable expansions in Color Drawing (18% growth), Relief (28% growth), Mixed Media 2D (18% growth), and Digital art, which saw an amazing growth of 62.5%!
A special shoutout to our budding young artists in the 3rd-4th grade category – we nearly doubled the submissions this year, with an additional 146 pieces compared to last year!
We’re immensely proud to have hosted 35 different schools, fostering a vibrant artistic community and providing a platform for budding talents to shine.
Thank you to all the students, teachers, and supporters who made this event possible. Your passion and creativity inspire us all!
We are including the list of this year’s winners below!
Best of Show 2D – London Miscisin                                                                                 Best of Show 3D – Olivia Walling


Award of Excellence 3-4 – Joey Zettl                                                                     Award of Excellence 5-6 – Kenley Guzman


Award of Excellence 7-8 (not pictured) – Jazmyn Myers                                      Award of Excellence 9-10 – Elvie Wagner


Award of Excellence 11-12 – Ocarina Smith


Mineral Area Council on the Arts

K-12 Student Art Show

At Mineral Area College / Friday, April 26, 2024

Best of Show: 3D                                                                                           Best of Show: 2D           

Olivia Walling                                                                                                          London Miscisin
Farmington Middle School                                                                                  Homeschool
Grade:7-8                                                                                                                 Grade: 11-12
Category: 3D Sculpture                                                                                       Category: Color Drawing
Teacher: Kim Stratton                                                                                         Teacher: Jody Miscisin
Awards of Excellence

Grades 3-4           Joey Zettl                           School: North County Parkside               Teacher: Roseanna Chilton

Grades 5-6           Kenley Guzman                  School: Lincoln Intermediate                 Teacher: Sarah Buerck

Grades 7-8           Jazmyn Myers                    School: John Evans Middle School        Teacher: Keeli Singer

Grades 9-10         Elvie Wagner                      School: Central High School                    Teacher: Melody Banger

Grades 11-12        Ocarina Smith                    School: Valley R-6                                      Teacher: Kat Grajek

Category Awards

DivisionFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird PlaceFourth Place
Black and White Drawing
Grades 3-4Leo Underwood-SignetMaksym Wheat – CWEHunter Heady – ValleyBrody Kuykendall – NC Park
Grades 5-6Amelia Land – Trojan IntWhitley Coleman-KingstonLayla Ventimiglia – SignetLivi Shults – Fred MS
Grades 7-8Raena LaCava – FMSElla Penwell – Fred MSBrianna Theiss – BismarckEmma Killian – FMS
Grades 9-10Jazmine Ramsey – PHSNadia Parker – AVAva Sens – NCHSKayla Hadley – Central HS
Grades 11-12Kaylee Cavins – NCHSAaleigha Hopper – AVGavan Douglas – AVLydia Clark – AV
Color Drawing
Grades 3-4Ethan Bess – NC ParkJulia DeClue – SignetEllyanna Batson- NC ParkKalynn Cantrell – Wash-Frank
Grades 5-6Sophia Dawes – SunriseCaydence Wilson – CMSAmelia O’Brien – SunriseHeidi DeClue – Valley
Grades 7-8Haylee Pyatt – ValleyAubrey Bonnell – FMSJordyn Mack – BismarckKaylyn Politte – Sunrise
Grades 9-10Jaylyn Becerra – FHSAva Sens – NCHSKeirsten Inman – AVMakenna Guggenberger-NCHS
Grades 11-12Hope Schmelzle-Ste. GenGavan Douglas – AVKale Clements – Ste. GenNyah Parker – FHS
Grades 3-4Amelia Santos- JeffersonLacey Hagen – CWEColten Rion – NC ParkEmma Young – Sunrise
Grades 5-6Livi Shults – Fred MSLucas Jackson – ClearwaterTayla Owens – CMSAmelia O’Brien – Sunrise
Grades 7-8Alexis Bowles – ValleyEliza Vance – ValleyZeke Moyers – WCMSAddison Dement – FMS
Grades 9-10Ava Sens – NCHSHattie Vinyard – AVRiley Hines – PHSAndrea McClanahan – AV
Grades 11-12Bailey Wimmer – NCHSAnnabel Burd – AVKalissa Myers – PHSMakenzie Hahn – AV
Digital Art
Grades 3-4Olivia Snyder-Wash-FrankKeith Theobald-Wash-FrankKallie Daugherty-KingstonWilliam Clark – Kingston
Grades 5-6Lacey Brodigan – AVJackson Bauer-Thomas-LincolnLeah Runyon – KingstonSofiah Thomure – Lincoln
Grades 7-8Zeke Arndt – JEMSMadison Newbrand-JEMSAvery Phares – JEMSKylee House – NCMS
Grades 9-10Phoenix Benoist- WCHSAlex Viner – FHSLandon Beck – ClearwaterKaitlyn Weiners – PHS
Grades 11-12Mikaela Overstreet-CHSHaden Paul – PHSAnnabel Burd – AVAnna Boyer – Kingston
Grades 3-4Braelynn Voelpel-ClearwaterElla Ampleman – NC ParkRiley Pratt – NC ParkBlakely Partridge – Valley
Grades 5-6Martha Halley – LincolnDakota Racer – AVAmelia O’Brien – SunriseSophia Dawes – Sunrise
Grades 7-8Savannah McKinney – CMSHayden Hemmen – SunriseOlivia Walling – FMSKate Newsom – CMS
Grades 9-10Elizabeth Moyer – AVAlex Viner – FHSJazmine Ramsey – PHSChris Roux – NCHS
Grades 11-12Sam Wallis – AVTrinity Little – FHSAaleigha Hopper – AVMallory Rottler – Ste. Gen
Grades 3-4Braelynn Voelpel-ClearwaterJorian Labruyere – NC ParkAverie Swaringim-BismarckN’Shaun Welch – Wash-Frank
Grades 5-6Lily Benson – ValleyEmma Ferguson – ClearwaterRylee Rose – ClearwaterWillow Fitzwater-Clearwater
Grades 7-8Summer Rowden – SunriseAlena Maxwell – AVCallie Barker – FMSMylee Lorenz – AV
Grades 9-10Trinaty Wade – NCHSKyah Blankenship – AVElvie Wagner – CHSAubrey Skaggs – AV
Grades 11-12Ariah Parks – NCHSLynn Long – Fred HSKaylee Austian – FHSAyden Burlbaugh-Clearwater
Grades 3-4Laurie Turner – ValleyLaurie Turner – ValleyLaurie Turner – ValleyN/A
Grades 5-6Eloise Burd – LincolnRyder Schober – KingstonKloee Gamble – Trojan IntMylei Francis – Valley
Grades 7-8Emily Boyer – BismarckOlivia Walling – FMSMia Ingram – FMSLucy Felker – FMS
Grades 9-10Makinna Wilkinson -WCHSJessica Temple – NCHSMyla Blair – PHSAlex Viner – FHS
Grades 11-12Kaylee Cavins – NCHSCoy Reed – PHSJensen Warden – PHSAva Clifton – WCHS
Grades 3-4Mercy Porter – Trojan IntRemington Jarvis – Trojan IntNevaeh Lake – Trojan IntJase Hemby – Trojan Int
Grades 5-6Hailee Turner – BismarckRoland Scott – WCMSTaylor Mann – SunriseAriana Horton – Bismarck
Grades 7-8Lucas Anglin – BismarckIris Luther – AVClarey Huck – SunriseSummer Rowden – Sunrise
Grades 9-10Aubrey Skaggs – AVLexie Reed – AVBailey McCrae – WCHSAudree Proffitt – Clearwater/
Aubrey Smith – Bismarck
Grades 11-12Kaylee Cavins – NCHSEllie Lalumondiere- Ste. GenCienna Montgomery-BismarckOlivia Smith – WCHS
Grades 3-4Kaylee Vest – SunriseMitchell Marler – ValleyMillie Vance – Trojan IntLeo Underwood – Signet
Grades 5-6Elizabeth Upchurch-LincolnAleah West – CMSTaylor Mann – SunriseGenevieve Johnson – CMS
Grades 7-8Paelynn Warden – JEMSOlivia Walling – FMSAngela Johnson – SunriseHarley McMahan-Clearwater
Grades 9-10Aliyah Fulton – NCHSOsa Kelm – ClearwaterAlexis Schlater-ClearwaterAlyson Keen – NCHS
Grades 11-12Aaleigha Hopper – AVHannah Hayes – NCHSMakenzie Hahn – AVLily Giasomo – NCHS
Relief Sculpture
Grades 3-4Charlotte Branson –NC ParkCallen Dickerson – JeffersonEaston Lutes – ClearwaterGarrett Bannister – NC Park
Grades 5-6Aleah West – CMSTristan Almstead – CMSRylee Weber – SunriseElyana Richardson – Lincoln
Grades 7-8Lucas Anglin – BismarckIzzy Trevino – SunriseAubrey Bonnell – FMSKarli Miller – JEMS
Grades 9-10Ava Govro – PHSAdrianna Moser – AVPaisley Wisdom -BismarckKinsley Vance – PHS
Grades 11-12Gage Douglas – AVLondon Miscisin -HomeschoolCloie Owens – PHSGage Grounds – Bismarck
Sculpture 3D
Grades 3-4Liam Politte – Trojan IntEmma Mahaney – NC ParkBrantlee Alley – ValleyEthan Duvall – Wash-Frank
Grades 5-6Selena Schlater -ClearwaterAly Kloth – LincolnEmalyn White – WCESPaisley Crites – AV
Grades 7-8Macy Davis – FMSAddison Underwood – CMSAvery Phares – JEMSGrace Dake – Bismarck
Grades 9-10Madie Grebe – BismarckGracie Payne – AVCadence Peagram – FHSPaisley Wisdom – Bismarck
Grades 11-12Devyn Kennedy – WCHSEllie Lalumondiere – Ste. GenGavan Douglas – AVLiza Missey – PHS
Mixed Media 2D
Grades 3-4Kalynn Cantrell – Wash-FrankEmma Hammers-Radford- NC ParkBrooklyn Price-Wash-FrankHarmony Lucy – Belleview
Grades 5-6Aubree Lansing – WCESShane Wriley – CMSHadleigh Bryant – CMSAnnelise Serrano – Belleview
Grades 7-8Macie Peterson – NCMSCash Crocker – CMSCallie Markham – CMSAubrey Bonnell – FMS
Grades 9-10Kaylee Rudolph – KingstonKayla Hadley – CHSMeleah Lara – AVAliyah Fulton – NCHS
Grades 11-12Dakota Cooper – AVKaylee Cavins – NCHSMaddie Henson – NCHSOcarina Smith – Valley

AV = Arcadia Valley R2                                      Belleview = Belleview                                                Bismarck = Bismarck                                                  CWE = Central West Elementary
CMS = Central Middle School                          CHS = Central High School                                      Clearwater = Clearwater R-1 School                         FMS = Farmington Middle School
FHS = Farmington High School                       Fred MS = Fredericktown MS                                 Fred HS = Fredericktown HS                                    Jefferson = Jefferson Elementary
JEMS = John Evans Middle School                Kingston = Kingston K-14                                         Lincoln = Lincoln Intermediate                                NC Park = North County Parkside
NCMS = North County MS                               NCHS = North County HS                                        PHS = Potosi High School                                           Signet = Signet Christian School
Ste. Gen = Ste. Genevieve HS                           Sunrise = Sunrise R-9                                               Trojan Int = Trojan Intermediate School                 Valley = Valley R-6 Caledonia
Wash-Frank = Washington Franklin              WCES = West County Elementary School           WCMS = West County Middle School                        WCHS = West County High School