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Dreams Come True – 2023 Creative Writing Contest Winners Announced

This year’s Creative Writing Contest got off to a rocky start this year, but after some delays, we are very happy to announce this year’s winners!

The theme of the Contest was “Dreams”! We recieved some wonderful submissions in both the 10-12 grade divsion and the adult division.

The following were chosen by this year’s judges.

Adult Short Story -Spencer Weedman
Adult Essay – Josh Banks
Adult Poetry – Chyna Estes
10-12 Short Story – Helen Griffin
10-12 Essay – Ava Clifton
10-12 Poetry – Chloe Austin
Adult Short Story – An Unlikely Vessel by Spencer Weedman
Adult Essay – Generational Dreams by Josh Banks
Adult Poetry – Dreams of Gray and Gold by Chyna Estes
10-12 Short Story – Nightmare Fuelled by Helen Griffin
10-12 Essay – Living My Dream of Playing Music by Ava Clifton
10-12 Poetry –We by Chloe Austin
Thank you all for submitting your wonderful work! We are looking forward to next year’s contest already!
The overall winner is “Dreams of Gray and Gold” by Chyna Estes